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Gerry Morton (Chair) Anthony Kitt (Chair)
John Matson Larry Daines
Don Stokes Dave Berkus
Gerry Turner Bernadette Hendry

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Bring both council boards together in their entirety. After the boards have been joined, the full board can determine future membership standards such as: Requiring annual contributions in order to ensure further participation on the board; attendance standards; and other engagement metrics. Less engaged board members may move to the advisory board to remain engaged with them inthe future.

Full Board meetings on a quarterly schedule at noon on the 3rd Tuesday of the month. Location of the first two board meetings will alternate between the Cushman-Watt Scout Center and Smiser Scout Center headquarters. Future board meetings could take place primarily at Cushman-Watt with at least one annual meeting taking place at Smiser.

Executive Committee initially keeping all existing Executive Committee members. Meetings on each of the two months in between each regularly scheduled board meeting. We intend to develop a strategy for limiting the size of the Executive Committee, if necessary, within the first month after the combined Executive Committee has had a chance to meet.

Both Councils require the same or a greater number of DEís along with the maintenance of all existing service centers and scout shops.

Maintain the existing district alignments after the consolidation and consider further structuring of districts after the boards have had the opportunity to come together and fully evaluate field operations.

Both the Rose Bowl district of SGVC and the Urban Emphasis area of LAAC require council services to maintain outreach and continue membership growth. We see value in those efforts given our combined mission of serving underprivileged youth.

Prior to the consolidation, a process for selecting and confirming the Scout Executive with key individuals from each council participating is recommended. Given that LAAC has a sitting Scout Executive in Chuck Keathley (who was chosen in the past year after an exhaustive LAAC selection process), we anticipate his ultimate confirmation to lead the combined organization. That being said, the SGVC board will have an opportunity to interview the Scout Executive to gain insight regarding his leadership and vision for leading the combined organization.

After the new Scout Executive has been confirmed, the new council should immediately work with the board on a new organization structure and determine which staff members are best positioned to lead each individual job function. We recommend there be a concerted effort to make the new organization as efficient as possible. It is our expectation that we will be able to substantially upgrade our development and marketing activities by pooling our two councilís resources and service areas. This is already being done successfully as we worked jointly to produce the fall Gala honoring the Women of Scouting.

The Cushman-Watt Scout Center will serve as the merged council headquarters. Smiser Scout Center will be retained and unused portions of the second floor will be sublet.

All camps will be retained in the initial phases. After the boards have come together, we will have a discussion about the future of Holcomb, Cabrillo, and the strategic value of any other assets.

Existing office locations will be retained in the merged council. No additional Scout shops are planned, nor are there plans to eliminate or consolidate any Scout shops.

The existing delivery mechanism will be retained along with all Districts and service centers. Scouting in the field should appear unchanged after the merger, with the exception of a possible upgraded technology infrastructure for serving our Scouts.


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