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Q. The website states there will be information meetings for volunteers in January. It's January 21st and I have not heard about any such meetings. Have they happened already or are they yet to come?

A. Answered:  -Please see Home Page-


Q. When and where do the charter representatives go to vote for or against the merger?

A. Answered:  -Please see Home Page-


Q. Can the financial reports for 2010, 2011, 2012 also be made available?   When will the actual revenue and expenses report for 2014 be made available?

A. We will post ours after our next board meeting when they’ve been accepted and approved. 


Q. I am a Charter Organization Representative. when should I expect to receive notification about the "Fireside Chats" information sessions and when the vote is expected to be scheduled?

A. Letters to COR’s will be mailed the week of February 9th.


Q. Can the financial reports for 2010, 2011, 2012 also be made available?   When will the actual revenue and expenses report for 2014 be made available?

A. We will post ours after our next board meeting when they’ve been accepted and approved. 


Q. As a COR when will I be notified of info meetings and the scheduled vote?

A. Letters to COR’s will be mailed the week of February 9th.

LA Chartered Organization Representative Merger Vote

Time: 10:00AM – 12:00PM
When: Saturday, March 21, 2015
Where: Cushman Watt Scout Center  
2333 Scout Way, Los Angeles CA 90026


Q. What is the timing of communication with COR's?

A. Answered:  -Please see Home Page-


Q. Is the new council going to provide resources for groups in the current LAAC to change there name? Since LAAC will no longer be used some groups like LAAC-HAT.ORG would need to change there website name and publications to GLAAC-HAT.ORG. Almost seems like a cost savings by keeping LAAC?

A. Our volunteer task force that provided leadership to this process determined a new entity deserves a new identity and fresh start. If the consolidation is successful we will have a contest where our youth and adult membership can recommend a new name with a winner being chosen from the recommendations.

New URL’s would be a minimal expense, ScoutsUnited was $13, compared to $750,000 initially identified synergies and savings the combination of our two councils would achieve. If it is determined a new URL is needed instead of just changing banner content on landing page we will discuss with individual groups at the appropriate time.


Q. This is probably a "Down the line" type of question, but in my volunteer Scouting career, I have volunteered in both LAAC, and SGVC. Consequently I have BSA ID numbers from both councils. How will this type of thing be handled?

A. The new membership platform when fully operational will issue a single id number that will stay with our members their whole life no matter where their scouting journey takes them. Regarding the merger as we roll over the membership and financial records all will be captured in the combined councils records. You will have to choose which MyScouting I’d you need for the function you are trying to do but both should be available in system.


Q. This merger is not a "Silver bullet" that will somehow magically return our "Super Council" to solvency over night. Based on the projected savings and new financial commitments identified, how long is it projected to take to return the new council profitability? Or at least no more red ink?

A. The task force estimated a balanced budget in 2017.


Q. Is it possible to get a per position breakdown of compensation in each council, and number of paid employees in each council?

A. The 990’s list the top salaries paid and are available for review in the service centers for the individual councils. They are also available on sites like Guidestar. Total salaries including part time and seasonal salaries are available on the council operating statements. We will not be publishing all staff’s individual compensation as those are private personnel matters.


Q. What is the size of the endowments for LAAC and SGVC?

A. On 12/31/2014 LAAC had about $20,300,000 4.8 million permanently restricted under active investment and SGVC had about $4,500,000 3.0 million permanently restricted under active investment. Actuals vary and essentially mirror market results.

Q. Are there any pending or active lawsuits against BSA in the Los Angeles Council or the San Gabriel Valley Council? How many, and can you tell me the nature of these?

A. One in each council both related to accidents at a camp. The National council is engaged on both suits. The local council exposure is $12,500 on each case the balance is covered through BSA liability insurance.


Q. Since camps are the primary assets of the corporations, and when funds are needed it seems to be the first/best place to secure funds is through the sale of the camps; and since there is overlap of service areas, what is the perceived priority of maintaining which camp, for what purposes explicitly (beach camp, day camp, adventure camp, etc) 

A. As the executive summary states there are no plans to dispose of any camp properties or service centers as a part of this consolidation. Future boards will as a part of their fiduciary responsibilities will examine and make decisions on the highest and best use of all our assets.


Q. Who is going to be tasked specifically with cultivating donors and large financial gifts to offset existing debt and creating a future for Boy Scouts in our region? 

A. The board holds the fiduciary responsibility to assure the sustainability of the Council with the guidance of the Scout executive and Development staff. We have a donor willing to assist us in employing a university/hospital caliber major gift professional if consolidation is approved.


Q. What is the business plan for the new organization, as there seems to be no actual staffing change proposed (positions will just not be filled), and the printed materials so far indicate that nothing would really be lost, only a few places of added shared revenue with a larger client base or more scouts generating better commissions) 

A. Until consolidation is approved and new board elected the business plan is tentative. However the $750,000 in expense reduction indicated in the pro forma budget is solid the revenue generation is more at risk because it depends on everyone currently involved in both councils buying in and doing all that can be done in service to youth. We have already seen examples where a bank CRA grant is currently $2,500 but said come back after consolidation with the bigger footprint we go to at least $5,000.

We as indicated we do not perceive a reduction in force beyond any normal promotions, transfers or resignations any business experiences. We do anticipate changing some roles from back office operations to customer facing positons to provide a better end user experience to our volunteers who come in or call needing assistance.

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