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  Statement From Dave Tomblin  SGVC Camps Data and Review
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Our camps offer both LAAC/SGVC the ability to be self-supporting and return a profit. Grants and major gifts are too rare these days, we must do a better job of crafting programs and marketing our products-camps for youth

Synergy in a merge:

  • Our seven camps are in a potential position to be the “financial life-blood” of a new larger council. All camps can work in concert to be better together.

  • Forest Lawn/HVSR complement each other with programs, Trask/Firestone can offer a great weekend destinations for Cubs and Scout activities “in town.”

  • Cabrillo Beach and CCV can work together as summer partners being pre/post CCV overnight camping spots and partner with marine programs.

  • Log Cabin in the Sierra’s remains under utilized and may need to be reevaluated as a summer camp/program destination.

  • With seven in council camps our combined 20,000 scouts would be paying in-council rates, which for most units is a strong benefit.


Areas of concern in a merger:

  • Do we need seven camps? Southern California has nineteen scout camps which means we would operate over one third of those camps.

  • SGVC camps need infrastructure repair to be topnotch facilities. LAAC has lease issues with Cabrillo Beach (currently month to month) and Firestone is having challenges with City of Industry (easements use is an ongoing problem) as is continued high use by Council.

  • For 2015 LAAC has discontinued their outdoor science camp for grade schools and will look to a third party to run any future science program. Cost benefit was no longer there.
    SGVC will consider this in thinking about our own CCV marine camp “off- season.”

    Marketing of our camps remains the shortfall of both councils. With a dedicated marketing/programs enrichment department working to blend the best of each of our seven camps there is potential for growth in camper nights and financial improvement. In the past LAAC ran camps for the boys and profit was secondary, but this has changed. LAAC camps must now be self-sustaining. SGVC has always had an eye to making a profit, but lacks marketing to really make it a strong reality.

  • Both councils share a 38% attendance rate from “in-council” units, we must encourage our own troops/packs to use our camps and continue outside promotion.

  • Going forward both councils must focus on profitability while providing a great camp experience at market price.

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